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"Separated at worth"
as Gabby

"The Big Bang Theory"
as Penny

as Billie Jenkins

"Loonatics Unleashed"
as Vane

"8 Simple Rules"
as Bridget Hennessy

"Brandy & Mr. Whiskers"
as (voice) Brandy Harrington

"Complete Savages"
as Erin

"Ladies Man"
as Bonnie Stiles #3

as Amanda Williams

"7th Heaven"
as gueststar

"The Ellen Show"
as Vanessa

"Northern Exposure"
as Miranda at Seven


as Samantha

"The Last Ride"
as Wanda

as Erica

"Killer Movie"
as Blanca Campion

"Prison Break"
as Sasha

"To Be Fat like me"
as Ali Schmidt

"Cougar Club"
as Amanda

"Lucky 13″
as Sarah Baker

"Farewell Bender"
as Katie

as Kristee

"The Hollow"
as Karen

"Crimes of Fashion"
as Brooke

"Debating Robert Lee"
as Maralee Rodgers

"Can't Be Heaven"
as Teresa

"Growing Up Brady"
as Maureen McCormick

"Alley Cats Strike"
as Elisa Bowers

"Mr. Murder"
as Charlotte Stillwater

as Lori

"Picture Perfect"
as Little Girl

as little Ellen

as Karin

"My So-Called Life"
as Young Angela

"Quicksand: No Escape"
as Connie Reinhardt


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