The Big Bang Theory - Theme Song + Lyrics

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"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery,
That all started with the big bang! BANG!

Since the dawn of man is really not that long,
As every galaxy was formed in less time
than it takes to sing this song.
A fraction of a second and the elements were made.
The bipeds stood up straight,
The dinosaurs all met their fate,
They tried to leap but they were late
And they all died (they froze their asses off)

The oceans and Pangaea
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!
Set in motion by the same big bang!

It all started with a big BANG!

It's expanding ever outward but one day
It will pause, then start to go the other way,
Collapsing ever inward,
we won't be here, it wont be heard
Our best and brightest figure that
it'll make an even bigger bang!

Australopithecus would really have been sick of us
Debating how we're here,
they're catching deer (we're catching viruses)
Religion or astronomy, Encarta, Deuteronomy
It all started with a big bang!

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology
It all started with a big bang!
It all started with a big BANG!"

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1 Rocklady Rocklady | Web | 30. december 2010 at 17:31 | React

ahoj prepáč že ťa otravujem ale prosím mohla by si mne hlásnuť som tam ako RockLady dík

Ps:Krásny blog

je to krásna pesnička

2 •MiNiLaDý°PaťUšQá• •MiNiLaDý°PaťUšQá• | Web | 30. december 2010 at 17:33 | React

jeééééééééééééééj maš krasny des:))) Ty si si ho robila? =))) :-)...

3 AleX AleX | Web | 30. december 2010 at 17:34 | React

Ahoj nemáš náhodou na svém blogu nějakou grafickou soutěž? nebo nevíš kde je?

4 Týna Týna | Web | 30. december 2010 at 17:38 | React

pěkná písnička :)

5 Week.Star Week.Star | Web | 30. december 2010 at 19:18 | React

Ahojky už jsem ti ohodnotila blog:)

6 brre-sbéčko brre-sbéčko | Email | Web | 30. december 2010 at 19:37 | React

no ještě nejdu musím dooběhnout ale možná to už vzdám neumím číst ta cesta mě fakt vyčerpala :-D

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